Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our new headquarters

Whistler Search and Rescue has now moved into our new base at he municipal works yard at Nesters.
The new base will greatly add to the teams organization and functionality in the Whistler valley, and beyond 2010.

Some major improvements in 2008.

To start a new permanent home!
-Office space:
-finally some desk space for all the paperwork
-New computing power: ability to run incident commander software efficiently from a network of multiple computers

New communications platforms:
-additional base radios
-including the installation of a new duplex VHF repeater on Whistler mtn. Increasing our communications capability in previous trouble areas.

-Large training room:
-Can accommodate 30-40 people for large scale briefings on searches
-The ability to use advanced visual aids in real time to present to a group.
-Can accommodate additional computer stations

Garage area
-somewhere to park our truck out of the snow so we don't have to shovel it off every time it snows

Gear storage area
-additional room to store gear

-Access to municipal lunch room etc.

Thanks so much every one that contributed to this huge effort!
Especially the Resort Municipality of Whistler

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