Monday, March 05, 2007

Backcountry Incidents

Whistler SAR has been receiving many calls of distress from lost skiers, and snowboarders during the last few weeks, and recently with fatal consequences.

Backcountry users in the Whistler area should be prepared to navigate in whiteout conditions, have knowledge of local terrain, proper outdoor gear, a buddy capable of companion rescue, first aid skills, and avalanche training. Cell phones work in some areas, and not in others if your lost conserve your batteries. Always tell someone responsible where you are going, and your time of return, or file a itinerary with the mountain. If you are lost in the backcountry find a location where you will be visible from the air, and note any prominent landmarks, make a shelter, and stay put.

Whistler SAR would like to remind people that often they will not be reported missing early enough in the day to launch a search, and therefore stand a very good chance of spending the night out. Very likely there will be consequences to your actions..

Many tracks have been spotted from the air from people in precarious situations off the backside of Whistler mtn. (LEFT OF THE KHYBER) wandering aimlessly through cliff bands, and gullies going up and down all over the place many of the incidents have gone largely unreported probably because no one knew they were out there. If you decide to duck the rope find a local who has been here for a more than couple seasons, and be prepared for self rescue.

If you require assitance dial 911..

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