Monday, March 05, 2007

New Truck

Thanks to our American Friends of Whistler for the donation of our new search and rescue vehicle.

For the first time in its 35-year history Whistler Search and Rescue have their own dedicated rescue vehicle, thanks to a donation from members of the American Friends of Whistler.

This dedicated 4x4 crew-cab truck and custom-built Spacekap rescue vehicle will be fully equipped with everything the team needs for any situation that may arise during the course of each search and rescue. The vehicle can also serve as a forward command post and communications relay during searches and rescues. The crew-cab provides space for six team members and the Spacekap allows rescued subjects to be safely transported, by stretcher if needed, in an enclosed vehicle. Prior to receiving this vehicle, Whistler Search and Rescue teams relied on their members’ vehicles and had to load equipment each time they received a call out. This new vehicle will be ready to go with all equipment on board 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 12 months of the year, ensuring an efficient response to each call and the safe recovery of the subject(s).

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